We trust in God
+55 (48) 9996 2031
Price: R$ 40 / day (dia)

Bicycle with Frame: Aluminum Suspension Transmitter: Shimano Tourney 21v Rim: 26 ”
Brakes: V-brake Handlebar: adjustable


City map and padlock.


The daily rental starts 9:00am until 5:00pm The rent must booked before 24 hours minimum The location of pickup and delivery is in Lagoa da Conceicao (we offer delivery and rescue service charged by distance) Necessary identity presentation The user is responsible for the bike spoiled or stolen will be charged the value corresponds.

Your responsibilities

Renting a Bicycle, you agree to accept the conditions of use. By doing so, you undertake to use the system’s bikes in a responsible and reasonable manner. The Bicycle is an excellent form of exercise and means of transportation.

However, please make sure that you’re in good enough physical health to take advantage of all its benefits.

It is prohibited to lend it or carry out any commercial transaction whatsoever with it, outside its intended use.

The bikes are meant for trips in the city.Avoid going off-road or riding where conditions might damage them.

The bikes was created for one rider.No passengers allowed.

Don’t try to repair. Let our technicians handle the job! To notify us of a damaged bike,

In case of difficulty…
Please call our customer service at 48 99962031.

You are responsible for your the bicycle for the entire usage period.Please take care of it and protect it from theft. Make sure to securely lock your the bicycle.

You must notify…

Notify us within 24 hours of any problem regarding disappearance of your bike or any accident or incident involving the bicycle.


We have a delivery service rented bicycle. If you rent a bike in the bike can take you and even after you have finished using it and get it.
The price for this service depends on your location